Resolving a Struggle with Google

For months, I have been searching for a way to ensure my students have been doing thier homework without having to take in copious amounts of paper.  Google Forms has come to my rescue!

Photo by Liz Halina CC-BY-NC-ND

Photo by Liz Halina CC-BY-NC-ND

Not only can I send all of my students the concept questions via Google Form, their answers are convieniently placed on a Google Sheet with a date/time stamp for me to see when they completed the assignment.

Three key pieces of information were quickly determined: some students did NOT do thier work (nothing but blank where their response should have been); some students were completing their work after midnight (clearly a problem with getting adequate rest and balance); and misconceptions were easilty identified.

The more I use Google Apps for Educators, the more practical applications I can see for my students, my department, and myself for constructing meaning and communication.  Next week during our professional development afternoon, I will give my department a demonstration of a site that I constructed and how I am using it in class.  #excited


I think I’m Becoming a Physics Teacher!

We are one week into our new semester and I’ve begun teaching another new Physics class: Physics 30.  A grade 12 course with an Alberta Diploma exam at the end, there is a lot riding on this course for some of my students who want to get into university.  thankfully, I’m staying ahead, creating solutions keys, locating links, and posting it all in my Google Drive and blog.  The students can have access to my notes anytime and the are expected to contribute and collaborate, not just consume.  Wish me (and my students) luck!