Google Drive

How did I make it through Coetail and not know some of these features of Google Drive? Imbedding a Doc right into a blog post so everyone can see?  Who knew?  Not me.  I tried imbedding  course outline on a page on this blog, and while a tad on the ugly side (could be the theme’s fault – couldn’t be mine, of course!) it’s there!

I am only using Google Drive with my physics class (as opposed to all of my classes) and the students are all brand new to using Google beyond searching and email, which I am sure most users are familiar with. So far, I’m the owner of all the documents we have been using as the class learns to collaborate and add to the docs.

This week, the students are required to hand in a lab report by creating and sharing a doc with me for commenting only. Its a start, but I am hopeful that the students will eventually create and share thier own docs with each other. Each time I do part of a unit, I plan on teaching the students another feature to gradually scaffold them into independent use of Google Drive.

Baby steps – for both me and the students!