Physics 30

Welcome to Physics 30!

Here are some links to information you will find helpful as we navigate our way to the Diploma exam!

Chapter 9 – Momentum and Impulse

9.1 Momentum is Mass Times Velocity Notes

9.1 Solutions Key 

9.2 Impulse is Equivalent to a Change in Momentum Notes

9.2 Solutions Key

9.3 Collisions in One Dimension Notes

9.3 Solutions Key

1D Practice Solutions Key 

9.4 Collisions in 2D Notes

9.4 Practice Problems and Check and Reflect Solutions Key

2D Practice Solutions Key

Chapter 10: Electric Charges

10.1 Electrical Interactions Notes

10.1 Check and Reflect Student Collaboration Solutions Key

10.2 Coulomb’s Law Notes

10.2 Practice Problems Solution Key

10.2 Check and Reflect Solution Key

Chapter 11: Electric Fields

11.1 Forces and Fields Power Point Notes

11.1 Practice Problems Solutions Key

11.1 Check and Reflect Solutions Key

11.2 Notes

11.2 Practice Problems Solutions Key

11.2 Check and Reflect Solutions Key

11.3 Notes  (ppt)  Notes (pdf)

11.3 Practice Problems & Check and Reflect

Chapter 12: Magnetic Fields

12.1 Notes (GPresentation)

12.2 Notes

12.2 Practice Problems Solutions Key

12.3 Notes


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