Extra Curricular

Most recently, I assisted coaching the Advanced Gymnastics class in Iqaluit, NU.  This was a competitive travelling team of 12 athletes steadily improving their skills and fitness levels.

I  began a small yoga group for the high school students at Inuksuk High School that met twice a week for a semester to expose students to a wholistic mind-body experience.

For three years, I coached the American Embassy School’s Cross Country Running team.  This program began when K. Paesel and I coached during the 2010-11 school year.  In the beginning, students had a difficult time running 2 km at a time, never mind the required 5.  Over the inaugural season, and subsequent seasons, we had great success, including a Varsity Girls Third Place finish and the Sportsmanship award at 2013 season’s race hosted at AES in Delhi, India.

Nepal_8879 Haus Kauz_7046 Haus Kauz_7220 Haus Kauz_7212 DSC08081_6574

I participated in many extra-curricular activities at AES, including Week With Out Walls (WOW) as a Camp Leader taking over 100 Grade 7 students on a camping trip to the Himalayan Mountains by train and bus to experience the wilderness and roasting marshmallows.


I participated twice in the High School Mini-Courses, where in March, students select a trip to experience India.  I attended the Tons River rafting trip with a dozen students and another teacher supervisor.  Students experiences 4+ class rapids and slept in small dome tents on the river banks.


Volunteering for after-school activities such as Period 9 Math (a place for students to drop in to finish assignments, get homework help and complete missed tests), Student Leadership, and climbing club were just some examples of how I love to be involved in school.

Nepal_8829 Nepal_8820 Nepal_8814

In years previous, I have coached, travelled and worked with students in and out of class to help them receive the best experiences possible to help them learn and grow.


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