I’m super excited to start another university course, especially one that has to do with integrating technology in the classroom.  Ever since learning about the GAFE class (that’s Google Apps For Educators) I’ve wanted to take it.  Well, the time for me to do it has arrived.  Yikes!  What have I done?!

Yikes in a good way though! It just means a lot of work in addition to the mountains I already have.  Next week, I have five days to complete professional development and guess what I will be doing?  Google-ing my butt off!  Learning how to use these amazing apps to help not only me, but my students develop their knowledge and skills.  Nothing better than a challenge to inspire growth.

I’m excited as this semester offers some challenges for my grade 12 Physics students.  A week of PD for teachers, Arctic Winter Games for some of my students in Alaska, two weeks of spring break, and I’m willing to bet, an Arctic snowstorm or two,  this semester is full of interruptions.  I’m hoping Google Apps can help offset all the time off we have this semester.  With a massively challenging Provincial Diploma exam looming in the distance, we can use all the help we can get.

Using Google has helped me communicate to my students my expectations, communicate assignments and due dates, collaborate with the entire class, and provide video examples of physics when I don’t have the resources to provide them with a lab, and to search for supporting information.  I can’t wait to see how the course can help me streamline this process.

Let the Google-ing begin!


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