Physics 20: Unit 1, Kinematics

Essential Questions:

  • How do changes in position, velocity and acceleration allow us to predict the paths of moving objects and systems?
  • How do the principles of kinematics influence the development of new mechanical technologies?

Enduring Understanding:

  • Describe motion in terms of displacement, velocity, acceleration and time

Students will know:

  • scalar quantities
  • vector quantities
  • uniform motion
  • uniformly accelerated motion

two-dimensional motion
Students will be able to:

  • define, qualitatively and quantitatively, displacement, velocity and acceleration
  • define, operationally, and compare and contrast scalar and vector quantities
  • explain, qualitatively and quantitatively, uniform and uniformly accelerated motion when provided with written descriptions and numerical and graphical data
  • interpret, quantitatively, the motion of one object relative to another, using displacement and velocity vectors
  • explain, quantitatively, two-dimensional motion in a horizontal or vertical plane, using vector components
  • identify common applications of kinematics
  • analyze free fall
  • investigate the application of kinematics principles
  • formulate questions about observed relationships and plan investigations of questions, ideas, problems and issues
  • conduct investigations into relationships among observable variables and use a broad range of tools and techniques to gather and record data and information
  • analyze data and apply mathematical and conceptual models to develop and assess possible solutions
  • work collaboratively in addressing problems and apply the skills and conventions of science in communicating information and ideas and in assessing results

Source: Alberta EducationĀ 

Kinematics Slide Presentations:


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